•  Professor William Weber (University of Tennessee – Irradiation Effects in Fuels and Materials)

•  Professor Michele Manuel (University of Florida – Atom Probe Tomography)

•  Professor Kristjan Haule (Rutgers University – Computational Electronic Structure)

•  Professor Keith Nelson (Massachusetts Institute of Technology – Experimental Methods in Condensed Matter Physics)

•  Dr. James Belak (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory – Computational Materals Science)



•  Dr. Todd Combs (EES&T – Associate Laboratory Director)

•  Dr. Heather Chichester (Director of PIE division at INL)

•  Dr. David Petti (Laboratory Fellow and Co-National Director of Advanced Reactor Technology Program)

•  Dr. Pattrick Calderoni (National Technical Director of Inpile Instrumentation Program)

•  Dr. Steven Hayes (National Director of Advanced Fuel Cycle Program)

•  Dr. Daniel Wachs (Scientific Coordinator of Transient Reactor Test Facility)

•  Dr. Richard Wright (Laboratory Fellow)