Dr. Hurley (INL) is the Director of TETI and will be responsible for spatially resolved thermal transport measurements of ion irradiated materials.  He will also leverage new capability being developed at INL to measure thermal transport of fuel under neutron irradiation.

Dr. Manley (ORNL) is the lead for Science Question 1 and will be responsible for inelastic neutron and X-ray scattering measurements of the lattice dynamics underlying the thermal transport of various nuclear fuel related materials.

Dr. Gan (INL) is the Deputy Director of TETI, the lead for Science Question 2 and will oversee the materials characterization and fabrication effort at INL.

Professor El-Azab (Purdue) is the lead for Science Question 3 and will be responsible for modeling defect evolution on the molecular to mesoscale and he will also be charged with modeling thermal transport using the Boltzmann transport formalism. 

Dr. Gofryk (INL) is the lead for the electron transport thrust and will be responsible for quantum oscillation measurement of electronic structure and low temperature physical properties measurements.

Professor Khafizov (OSU) is the lead for the phonon transport thrust and will be time domain thermoreflectance measurements of changes in thermal conductivity due to heavy ion irradation. He will also use picosecond ultrasonics to investigate the role of alloying on elastic properties of Th1-xUxO2.

Dr. Mukesh Bachhav (INL) will be reponsible for imaging atomic scale defects in ion irradiated samples using atom probe tomography and transmission electron microscopy.

Dr. Jason Harp (INL) will be reponsible for fabrication of metallic fuel samples.  These sample will be used in neutron scattering measurements, ARPES measurements and high magnetic field measurements.  

Dr. Hua (INL) will be responsible for mesoscale thermal transport measurements and developing larger scale thermal transport measurements using photothermal radiometry.  

Dr. He (INL) will be responsible for ion irradiations and microstructural characterization of both pristine and irradiated oxide and metal fuel materials.

Dr. Mann (AFRL) will be responsible for growing large single crystals of Th1-xUxO2 across the compositional range from pure UO2 to ThO2. This crystals will be used in neutron scattering experiments to measure phonon dispersion and lifetime.

Professor Marianetti (Columbia) will be responsible for first-principles calculations of electronic and phonic properties of various nuclear fuels, allowing for direct comparison with various scattering and transport experiments, in addition to parametrizing larger scale transport simulations.

Professor Neupane (Central Florida) will be responsible for understanding of the electronic structure of U-Zr alloy. He will utilize angle-resolved photoemission spectroscopy (ARPES) to investigate the electronic band structure of the proposed materials.

Professor Wharry  (Purdue) will be responsible for imaging atomic scale defects using atom probe tomography and transmission electron microscopy.

Dr. Zhang (INL) will be responsible for modeling the production, evolution and possible self-organization of lattice defects in Th1-xUxO2 and U-Zr alloys with the focus on the role of 5f electrons, to assist the understanding of thermal transport in 5f electron bearing materials.

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