Integration and coordination within TETI will be approached from two perspectives – one driven by the science questions and the other driven by the thrust areas. The Science Questions Leads will ensure integration between activities and tasks that are internal to their science question and will also ensure exchange of information between science questions. While the science questions are tightly interrelated, there are several tasks within each question that can be investigated independently and will not be delayed by unforeseen obstacles encountered in the other questions. This flexibility will enable the Science Question Leads to best utilize personnel and resources.

The director, Dr. David Hurley, is responsible for the overall management and direction of TETI and sets the strategy and priorities to ensure its progress and success. In addition, he has the key role of interfacing with DOE-BES and INL management. To ensure lab-wide integration and cooperation within INL, the position of deputy director has been created and will be occupied by Dr. Jian Gan. The deputy director supports, assists and represents the director in all activities. The deputy director has the specific role of close advisor to the director in the leadership and guidance for TETI's scientific and technical direction. Horizontal integration of TETI activities is organized around our three science questions. The leads for Science Question 1 through 3 are Dr. Michael Manley, Dr. Jian Gan and Professor Anter El-Azab, respectively. The Science Question leads are responsible for developing and maintaining the TETI science road map and for holding monthly teleconferences with team members to discuss progress and to address issues and roadblocks. The Phonon and Electron Transport Thrust leads are responsible for vertical integration. Their roles are more process driven and involve scheduling experiments and ensuring proper sample fabrication, preparation and transfer.


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